Minor cavities can be restored with natural, tooth-colored, white fillings. This type of treatment is a simple and effective way to correct a small problem before it becomes a bigger, more expensive issue.

A dental filling replaces the portion of a tooth that is missing or unstable due to tooth decay or damage. It prevents food and liquid from coming in contact with the tooth and causing further decay and cracking. The composite material used for fillings seamlessly blend into the tooth to provide a natural-looking smile.

During your treatment, one of our doctors will remove any minor decay and place the filling in such a way so that you will remain comfortable and free of pain. The procedure itself is relatively simple and can be done in a fairly short amount of time.

If your tooth is causing you to have any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity, you might be a candidate for a filling. Contact Howell Family Dentist to schedule and oral examination with our skilled team today.

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