When a tooth has extensive decay or damage, it is best restored with a dental crown. A crown is a covering that fits over the damaged tooth to restore its original shape, size, and strength. With today’s technology, crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Because of this, we can use crowns to improve the appearance of an existing tooth for cosmetic reasons.

Our team will begin the procedure by preparing your tooth for its new crown. We'll remove any existing decay, and sculpt and shape your tooth for the cap. With our in-house CEREC unit, we can create your porcelain crown in one visit. You'll be happy to know we don't have to take traditional impressions or send you off with a temporary crown. Using digital imaging software, our team can scan your teeth and design a crown fit for your mouth! At the end of your procedure, we'll attach your crown to your tooth for a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

At Howell Family Dentist, we’ll help you decide what restorative treatment is best for you. Contact us for your Howell, Michigan dental restoration needs today!


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